Understanding Healthcare Exchanges: The Basics

Healthcare exchanges are a hot topic in the news today, but many people don’t have an adequate understanding of what these organizations are, what they offer, and how to use them effectively. This guide will help the layperson gain a deeper, practical understanding of the process and their purposes.

Healthcare exchanges are also known as health exchanges and health insurance marketplaces. These organizations help those who use them to purchase health insurance in their local region. Typically, when people refer to a healthcare exchange, they are describing the organizations particular to each state in the United States. These organizations were formed due to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This help citizens by consolidating health care plans from various insurance companies which meet government regulations and standards in one place for easy comparison. They also help citizens to identify which plans are available with the assistance of government subsidies.

Healthcare exchanges are an important part of the Affordable Care Act (sometimes called Obama Care). They create a one-stop marketplace for Americans, allowing them to compare and contrast different plans in terms of coverage, cost, benefits, and financial aid. All insurance policies that part of a government regulated healthcare exchange must offer certain features. For example, they can’t deny individuals or families coverage based on pre-existing conditions. They must also offer a benefits package which includes basic coverage for health related emergencies as well as adequate coverage for preventative healthcare.

Insurance companies that participate in a healthcare exchange also can’t discriminate based on gender. This is an important consideration because of the different healthcare needs of men and women; insurance companies can’t charge either gender more under these regulations. Also, insurance companies that participate in these marketplaces are not allowed to enforce spending caps on a yearly basis when it comes to basic benefits. These benefits include all emergency services, necessary hospitalization (in the event of surgery, for example), maternity services like maternal care and newborn services, substance abuse treatment, psychological and psychiatric counseling and medical services, and prescription drugs. In addition, they must cover rehabilitation and habilitation for those who have disabilities, chronic illnesses or conditions, or injuries as part of their basic coverage. Laboratory tests, pediatric medicine, and wellness medical services are also required coverage. These basic benefits are considered to be essential benefits by the healthcare exchange.

Individuals in the United States are required to have health insurance coverage, due to the individual mandate provision of the Affordable Care Act. This provision is sometimes referred to by different names, including the mandatory minimum coverage requirement or the shared responsibility requirement. However, regardless of name, it indicates that those who are not covered will be subject to a fine or fee which starts at about a hundred dollars annually. It can cost up to one percent of an individual’s income if they choose not to get health insurance which fits the government’s minimum requirements. Choosing healthcare through a healthcare exchange is often the best and simplest way to avoid this fee.

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Healthcare Exchange

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Qualities of a Good International Calling Card

Making international calls can be a tricky business – traditional selling methods are incredibly expensive and finding a trustworthy calling card can be like shooting fish in a barrel. There are so many calling vouchers to choose from, so how can you know which one is best?

First, understand that best is a relative term. You will need to define what best suits your needs first, and then you will have a better idea of which calling card is going to be best for you.
Below are a few tips for sorting out which international phone vouchers are worthy of your custom:

Genuine minutes

You might see the term “genuine minutes” a lot, but what does it really mean? Well, when it comes to international phone cards, it is important to know how they bill to know what kind of deal you are getting for the minutes you purchase. Some companies give what they call genuine minutes, which means you will get to talk every minute you’ve purchased. Places like simplecall only bill per minute and don’t charge connection or termination fees. Also, their minutes don’t expire for a year, so you know that you will genuinely get to use all of your minutes.

On the flip side, there are other companies that offer calling vouchers with tiered billing, which means they round up minutes to the nearest 5 or maybe 7 minutes. This means that even if you were only talking for 3 minutes, you’d pay for 5. This, and other hidden fees that come with those types of international calling vouchers, eat up your credit fast, leaving your pockets empty quick.

Destination rates

Once you know you are looking at calling cards that will give you what they promise in terms of minutes, the next way to whittle down the selection is to find the best one for the specific destination you will be calling the most. If you find an international calling card with a great rate to call India, but you are only planning to call Morocco, then what is the use in that?
Spend time researching specifically the destinations that matter to you. This way you can be sure that the calling card you get best fits your needs and can save you the most money.


Now that you have a list of honest calling vouchers with a good rate to your most called destination, it’s best to do a quality check on the different services. Most calling vouchers will give you some free credit to try out their lines to ensure that it’s a service you can use easily and that it works. If they don’t have it explicitly on their website, you can sometimes contact them to see how you can get a free trial call.

Follow these few simple tips and you will be sure to get the best international calling card for you!

International Calling Card [http://www.direct2nation.com]

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Who Needs a Mantra?

A mantra is defined as a sacred word (or phrase) used as an object of concentration and embodying some aspect of spiritual power. To which, your next logical response may be “Who cares?” I contend that we all need to believe in something bigger than ourselves to grow as people, and your goals will grow as you do as a person. Spirituality may be rooted in religious beliefs, and can also be similarly empowering when rooted in personal beliefs.

I believe that every woman has greatness in her heart and needs only to cultivate the internal belief to allow it to flow from within herself. Ordinary people can routinely do seemingly extraordinary things solely through tapping into that inner spiritual power to propel themselves toward their intended goal.

The power of a mantra has a deeply personal meaning to me, and I’ll share the story with you about one of my favorite mantras. After raising my children, I struggled to define who I was and break free of the box into which I’d placed myself. Along this journey of self-discovery, I was fortunate to meet a few amazing athletes and mentors. One of these mentors was Blake Norwood. I’d been challenged by Blake to run a 100 mile ultra-marathon – and he happened to be the Race Director of such a race. The notion that I could ever accomplish such a feat was ridiculous to me, but Blake had belief in me that I could not see in myself. One of Blake’s favorite mantras (and now mine) is “If It Is To Be It Is Up To Me.” That mantra ran through my head nearly thirty hours as I reached deep within myself to complete that race – not once, but twice over the past years. The year after my second finish, Blake unexpectedly passed away, so that mantra now has even more importance to me any time I need to remind myself to find the belief to do something I find daunting. If someone like Blake could hold such belief in my ability to overcome all obstacles, then I can surely find that belief in myself.

That mantra is a tribute to a very special person, and these words are always close to my heart, reminding me that we are all capable of more than we might imagine.

As I share this message with you, I feel that it is one about which I am most passionate. And every day I hope that I am doing the right things to share that message and belief with other women that they might discover something great within themselves. And, although I often doubt myself, wonder if I am doing the right things, and wonder if it will resonate with other women, I say to myself, “If It Is To Be, It Is Up to Me!”

What is your mantra and what untapped power will you use it to reveal?

Linda Banks is a published author and the owner of Run Inspired Designs, Inc. — a line of Wearable Inspiration jewelry to motivate and inspire women. Ms. Banks seeks to empower women to develop the courage to pursue greatness without hesitation.

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Surrounding Yourself With The Right Company Is Vital To Your Success

You’ll eventually become some individuals who surround you that’s something I learned painfully costly way.

Everybody features a story and so they all contain pros and cons choices through which we take pride in and decisions we regret making. This is often difficult remembrances that people must live, but ultimately, it comes down lower towards the lessons we could glean from them.

We are all reflections of the people we keep in our lives and interact with on a daily basis. Their actions and behaviors all resonate and subconsciously influence our everyday choices.

Associate with people who make you feel happy

It’s so crucial that you have those who satisfy you. Those who lead you to laugh and who enable you to whenever you require assistance – those who genuinely care. Individuals are the type who’re worth keeping within your existence everyone else is just passing through.

Your atmosphere shapes who you are and who you will become. You’re in general control of your existence as well as the products that you employ, why not filter the negative surroundings and place yourself in a positive and fascinating atmosphere, the one that suits your needs?

The most effective example is to look at most likely the very best figures nowadays. How come you think the elite make an effort to place themselves in environments full of like-minded individuals?

Surprisingly, the very best and efficient people have weakness that are similar to yours. Surrounding themselves as well as other individuals, who’re round the same path or who had been through similar journeys, enables them to educate to learn more about themselves.

Connecting yourself with individuals who’re round the journey to produce modifications in their lives and yours, rather than individuals that aren’t in any great position or aren’t developing a difference, is crucial to grow as a person.

Heroines or notable figures that individuals need to become don’t always have to be well-known. It might be your nearest friend or somebody you know – somebody to help you and encourage you to definitely help you to be the person you have to be and who is able to guide you through the journey.

Our egos possess an inclination to trick us we regularly choose to neglect our weaknesses and set them aside. Rather, accept them and use them as leverage to acquire where you have to be.

Talk to like-minded individuals.

If you want to get wealthy, have those who share your objectives or who have formerly achieved them. Desire to start your individual company?

Start networking with established entrepreneurs – those who share the identical dreams, or individuals who’ve already done your work.

Let existence eliminate individuals from your existence who you wouldn’t like around. Don’t have the toxicity and negativity of those who don’t increase the need for your existence people who’ve no prosperous impact on your life only would love you to stay around to fulfill their requirements. Have the innovators, the thinkers as well as the listeners individuals who desire to set an alteration by leaving a footprint inside their existence and yours, individuals who are ready to help others before helping themselves. Focus on their tales – you will probably study a factor or even more.

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It’s Time To Turn a Spotlight on Abuse in Colorado Homeless Shelters

“But they do such good work in the community,” I’m told. “You wouldn’t want to interfere with that, would you? Those words are all too familiar. Yes, there is much good work done for the poor and homeless by organizations and institutions, including churches, that should be applauded and supported.

However, systems like those portrayed in the recent Academy-award winning film for Best Picture, Spotlight, appear to be alive and well in Colorado shelters, including those run by faith-based institutions. The question is, does the institutional leadership know of alleged abuse? If so, what are they doing to stop it?

At one shelter, closed-door meetings, without recordings or minutes being taken, determined decisions affecting homeless residents. Verbally abusive managers allegedly demanded that homeless residents sign blank sheets of paper before notes were taken after those meetings. The residents were not given copies of those notes. The director didn’t attend those meetings, even when specifically asked to, because they allegedly “don’t want to reach in.” It’s time they did.

No school district in this nation can legally get away with having IEP (Individualized Education Plans) meetings without every single participant signing forms stating they are present and what was discussed, decided, or tabled for future conversations or testing. You can’t get a Band-Aid from your doctor without signing HIPPA forms (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act passed by Congress in 1996). It’s the same thing.

Who’s protecting the civil rights of Colorado homeless shelter residents?

A recently hired shelter manager allegedly declared to the residents in one county, “There’s a new sheriff in town.” Those residents started to feel bullied, verbally abused, and afraid of losing a warm bed on cold winter nights. “It wasn’t like this before,” some residents claim. Allegedly, the medical conditions of residents began to be ignored.

The self-proclaimed “sheriff” demanded that the sick and elderly get a job. I’m not talking about drug addicts and those who broke rules or caused trouble at the shelters. I’m talking about physically and mentally disabled residents, those who earnestly tried but could not find employment, even with the help of the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. I’m talking about those who proved they were filling out applications, going to interviews, and searching for the practically non-existent housing in this state, causing even more mental and physical anguish in the process. They were still told to get a job, in spite of protests from legal counsel and physicians.

At one resident’s last meeting, he reminded the manager and case manager that his lawyer, who had access to all his medical records, told them he was unable to work. After the lawyer’s departure, his case manger, apparently emboldened by the new sheriff’s attitude, allegedly told this resident, “Then let your lawyer take you in.”

Last month, a resident was so ill when he was told he had to leave that he didn’t even make it to a couch offered to him for the night. In “fairness,” he could have stayed two more nights. But can you imagine a formerly solid, middle class professional, brought to his knees by a catastrophic illness that cost him his home and his career, being kicked out of a homeless shelter on April Fool’s Day? I would have left early, too.

An advocate picked up this resident, monitored his exit, and planned to take him to the offered couch. Since he was obviously in poor shape, physically and mentally, the advocate took him straight to a crisis center. After intake, the center transferred him to a local hospital, so ill he was kept overnight for observation. In case you haven’t noticed, hospitals don’t admit people these days unless they clearly need to be cared for. He was transferred the next day to an acute care clinic for an indefinite period. They don’t do that much these days, either. He’s now in long-term respite care, and has spent more time in the ER for physical illness.

Non-profit organizations receive large amounts of funding from individuals, churches, organizations such as United Way, and the federal government. Hold them accountable for what goes on in their homeless shelters.

I just finished watching Spotlight for a second time. I put it off for quite some time because the subject was too close to home. I spent the better part of the last five years involved in trying to change abuse protection policies at my own alma mater, though it pained me greatly. Proofreading a 300-page church manual on abuse prevention took up months. It also took a lot out of me. I wasn’t anxious to revisit the subject anytime soon.

But when you or a loved one has been abused, it’s hard to stand by and say nothing. You recognize abuse when you see it, whether it’s physical, verbal, sexual, or spiritual abuse. It’s all bad. And it’s all wrong.

One line from Spotlight continues to haunts me:

“If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to abuse them.”

It takes a village to allow the homeless and the weak and poor among us to be abused, too. Within minutes of posting comments about this situation on social media, I received a LinkedIn request from the shelter public relations spokesperson.

Questionable and arguably illegal practices in non-profit homeless shelters is not a public relations issue. It’s a policy and oversight issue.

Richard Gere’s recent movie, Time Out of Mind, has already exposed the realities and many of the stereotypes surrounding homelessness in America. Is it time to bring Spotlight to Colorado for a sequel?

The author is a freelance writer, editor, and a retired educator and publications coordinator. She is also a trained special needs advocate. Her work has included proofreading and edits of a widely-used church manual for sexual abuse prevention policies and procedures.

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