Alter of Command Speech Accomplishment

You have heard that you only have 1 opportunity to develop a very first impression. You know that your transform of command speech is vital and that it will straight away type a very first impression with your chain of command, subordinates, and peers and you want to make positive that you knock it out of the park, suitable? Under I will reveal some basic strategies and observations that will allow you to provide a transform of command speech that resonates.

Quick and Sweet

Very first, preserve it brief. Realize that the intent of the transform of command ceremony is to permit subordinates to witness the formality of altering command from 1 officer to a further. You may well have a lot of observations on leadership or want to share your command philosophy, but save these subjects for a further time (like in the course of your very first organization formation or meeting just after you happen to be in command – a subject that I will address a lot more in detail in subsequent articles). The maxim to, “be short, be brilliant, and be gone” is in complete impact right here. With an understanding of the goal of the ceremony in thoughts, the basic rule appears to hold that you should really preserve your speech at two minutes or significantly less. Not an precise science, and practically nothing written anyplace, but two minutes appears to be about suitable. Think me, no 1 in the audience, to consist of your boss, desires to sit via a extended speech from you as the incoming commander. Trust me.

Honorable Mentions

Second, give credit and honor to these whom it is due. Thank these distinguished guests who are in attendance, thank your spouse, and thank the outgoing commander at a minimum. You will be an outgoing commander 1 day, as well, and he’ll appreciate the deference you happen to be providing to him. Most importantly, on the other hand, is that your Soldiers and superiors will recognize the hat tip. Obtaining the attribute of becoming a, “fantastic guy” from your Soldiers suitable off suggests a lot.

Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse!

Third, rehearse your transform of command speech. It should really come as no surprise that you require to rehearse your speech prior to delivering it. You want to convey the impression to every person, but most importantly your Soldiers, that you seriously care about the ceremony and taking command. Basically place, your speech is vital to conveying that impression, so you should really rehearse. I’d suggest that you practice the speech to the point that you are comfortably familiar with it, but brief of basically memorizing it. Your speech is a higher strain occasion, so you do not want to memorize it and danger blanking out at any portion of the speech. Have the speech typed up to size 12 or bigger and printed out. If there is a book or binder at the podium for you to place your speech into, then that functions completely. If not, just retailer a 4×6″ notecard at the podium with your speech handwritten on it and pull it out when it is your turn. It is as straightforward as that!

An Effortless Transition

Lastly, there appears to be an unwritten rule to conclude your speech with a thing along the lines of, “all policies and procedures stay in impact.” I can not locate that statement to be dictated by any regulation, but I’ve also in no way not heard it in any incoming commander’s speech. It may well quite properly be 1 of these, “unwritten guidelines” that has taken the authority via frequent practice more than the years, but it also appears like a fairly fantastic practice if you feel about it. The phrase supplies you with an accepted way of letting your subordinates know that your intent is not to come in and make radical alterations on your very first day, and they will appreciate it.

Directed Guidance

1 final piece of guidance on this subject. Realize that every single Battalion or Squadron Commander has his way that he likes to see points accomplished, and your boss may well have some directed guidance on what he desires to see or hear or see from you. If he delivers some directed guidance to you, then your job is all the simpler. If not, ask your fellow commanders if there is any unwritten guidance that you require to adhere to. If there is not any, then your job is fairly basic. Just preserve my above points in thoughts and you will provide a transform of command speech that resonates and sets you up for results in your upcoming command!

This write-up is my personal opinion and does not constitute an endorsement, opinion, or official position of the Division of Defense or of the U.S. Army.