A single of the oldest and most critical engineering disciplines in the globe is civil engineering. A lot of buildings and structures have evoked our amazement, suitable from the pyramids of Egypt to the TajMahal in India and all these bear testament to the wealthy legacy of civil engineering.

Civil engineering can be defined as a specialised branch of engineering that bargains with the style, building and upkeep of bridges, buildings, dams and other structures. Human civilization can not exist without having significant contributions from this branch of engineering and it is hence an indispensable discipline.

Civil Engineers are ordinarily employed in building activities in each the private and public sectors. They can also grow to be a analysis fellow or a lecturer in universities. Additional possibilities for these technical guys incorporate becoming a surveyor, a technical report writer or even a project manager. Therefore the possibilities and avenues for development are endless. These specialised technical personnel have to have an eye for detail and an inherent potential to improvise.

The engineers involve themselves in feasibility and technical research and conduct detailed investigations in the initial stages itself to stay away from pricey lapses in the later stages. The style and architectural elements of the developing are also studied in detail to make certain that the project complies with current regulatory suggestions. Additional, a danger and personnel management program is formulated to make certain that security elements of any project are not compromised.

Additional, these engineers should have superior leadership abilities to make certain that they have the suitable attitude to interact with personnel involved in the project suitable from labourers to higher profile stake holders.

Gear excellent and reliability is a further critical aspect for which these engineers are accountable for and they have to make certain that close to misses and accidents do not come about in the building web-site. A superior understanding of finance is essential to make certain that the project is completed inside price range in a timely and effective manner. Therefore a civil engineer demands to be an all rounder.

They have a extremely difficult operate atmosphere and are one particular of the ideal paid pros in the globe. Job satisfaction is also higher because the spirit of “I helped construct that” runs by way of the blood of each civil engineer.

Elumalai Polytechnic positioned in Villupuram has been a pioneer in the field of polytechnic education and the college has ensured that its graduates are one particular of the most competent diploma civil engineers.

The polytechnic is headed by Mr. Swamikannu an eminent industrialist and philanthropist.

The polytechnic assists to lay a powerful foundation to make certain that the diploma graduates are prepared for greater study in civil engineering In case the graduates want to enter the sector, the polytechnic guarantees that it equips them with the needed abilities to make them sector prepared.

The civil engineering division has exceptional and knowledgeable teachers with a skilled assistance employees. The division has modern day and nicely equipped labs and also undertakes consultancy operate for the sector.

The division also arranges for lectures on several subjects by sector leaders to broaden the point of view of the students and inspire them to consider creatively. The students are also taken on sector web-site visits as a aspect of their curriculum like the Ferro Cement Analysis Centre in Pondicherry, Structural Analysis Centre in Chennai and so forth. This is to encourage the students to consider innovatively through their project period and also to establish some interaction with the sector leaders.