“A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse” cries King Richard III in Shakespeare’s effectively identified drama – and you may possibly effectively ask what relevance does it have to the manufacturing planet!!! Closer consideration of this quotation enables us to draw a quantity of analogies to an out of stock manufacturing scenario.

  • there is a desperate want for an item that seems to be presently unavailable
  • the worth of the item has risen significantly to the celebration wanting it
  • locating a replacement item becomes paramount
  • and any delay in getting the item may possibly prove fatal

Harsh analogies possibly but there have been lots of situations exactly where a manufacturing operation has foundered since of poor getting policies and a lack of inventory manage. It is a single issue to have the capacity to fabricate and assemble the necessary order. It is a very  unique matter to make sure that all the element components and material are accessible on hand and that they can be readily situated when necessary. This requires us into the realms of getting process and inventory management each of which are important elements in the manufacturing course of action.

In a earlier write-up in this series, entitled ‘Estimating – A Crucial Profit Parameter for Manufacturers’, it was noted that precise estimating and costing of a job is vital to a lucrative outcome. Nevertheless, no matter how precise the expense estimation, it is of restricted worth when manufacture commences if the material and consumables necessary for the job are not accessible when necessary. The lack of a element or the inability to find its whereabouts will generally materially influence the flow of a job by means of the shop. Commonly this may possibly outcome in a single or all of the following scenarios

  • urgent ordering and delivery of the item
  • diverting or delaying manpower sources to find the item
  • delays at a operate station with a partially completed item
  • reconfiguring machines to take on yet another activity
  • rescheduling of other activities on the shop floor to accommodate the delay
  • reallocation of labour

Unavoidable delays and mishaps do happen on occasions but these need to be the exception rather than the rule. If there is a higher incidence of urgent ordering or the shop floor appears to be in a frequent state of turmoil, hunting for elements or consumables, then it is pretty much specific that there are some critical challenges that want to be addressed.

Urgent ordering is a classic symptom of a getting technique beneath strain. Supplied that an inventory is getting effectively managed there need to be pretty handful of urgent orders placed. Inventory management calls for excellent interfaces with the estimating course of action so that the specifications for a precise job are identified prior to a quotation becomes a firm order. When the manufacturing order is confirmed timely element and consumable ordering need to comply with in an measured manner.

Correct inventory management should also involve

  • keeping acceptable levels of stock and elements primarily based on effectively created max / min figures
  • the timely putting of orders to keep away from stock outs
  • acceptable receipting of things so that their delivery is recorded
  • a effectively defined storage place numbering technique
  • and a stock reservation capability that quarantines stock things for precise jobs

In instances previous lots of of these specifications had been complicated to handle and track, specifically for modest to medium manufacturing businesses.  With the restricted manpower accessible in a smaller sized organisation manual systems had been prone to error and their timeliness was generally suspect as employees attempted to hold up with the paper trail and operate flows. Nevertheless right now with the ubiquitous and expense productive desktop laptop smaller sized organisations can now compete on an equal footing with huge and complicated organisations supplied they pick appropriate application.